Development in the RM of Wallace

All building and development in the RM of Wallace requires specific forms and applications to be completed, approved, and paid in full before any development starts. Any commencement of work without all applications and permits being approved and paid for in advance of the work, the fee for the required permit(s) will become twice the calculated permit fee.

In the links to the right you will find information and forms and the required information for development and building applications. Please ensure all forms are completed and submitted to the RM office along with all required information. Questions can be directed to the RM office.

All development within the RM requires a development permit. The application forms are provided along the right hand side of this page. The requirements for the completion of the forms are contained within the application forms links.

Application Process

1. Apply for a Development Permit

2. Apply for a Building Permit, if required

3. Apply for a Permit to Demolish or Move a Building, if required

Applications for the above can be completed and submitted at the same time. Ensure that all applications are completed in full. Review the list of requirements and ensure that all requested information is provided at the time of application, as this will help to reduce the processing times.

For inquiries regarding costs please see the bylaw: A Bylaw to Establish Planning and Development Fees, located under the Bylaws tab.

All approaches constructed within the R.M. of Wallace No. 243 require approval from the R.M. Council, prior to construction. In order to obtain approval an Application to Construct an Approach must be completed and returned to the R.M. office. The required forms and Construction Standards Policy are listed along the right hand side of this page (Application to Construct Approach). There is no fee for this application.

Subdivision applications can be completed and forwarded to Community Planning in Regina, SK. The form, information and address is provided along the right hand side of the page.

Mandatory Call-in Stages for Inspections

  • Site inspection to verify property line setbacks and finish grade
  • Prior to placing any concrete, pre back fill inspection, framing inspection, insulation and vapor barrier inspection, roofing, exterior finish, and final inspections. Please provide 48 hours for inspection request.

If the inspection schedule is not followed a Stop Work Order will be issued so that building code compliance can be verified. This process may require additional construction costs and inspection fees being charged to the owner/contractor.

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